8 Resources to Get Your Year Started Off Right in Your Moderate to Severe Special Education Classroom

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

There are so many quality resources on Teachers Pay Teachers that sometimes it is overwhelming to know where to begin. Today I am sharing 8 of my favorite resources for the beginning (and entire) school year! 

1. Check-In Interactive PDF

When I taught the upper grades (4th-6th grade) I used this resource everyday! My students started each day by determining who is here, choosing a way to greet one another, and by writing or typing their name on the board. This interactive PDF makes your morning attendance/check-in time so simple! 

2. Check-Out Interactive PDF

When I taught the upper grades (4th-6th grade), my students ended each day by answering two questions: 1) how did you feel today? and 2) what was your favorite part of the day? My students then were prompted through four steps of lining up: 1) stand up, 2) push in your chair, 3) get your backpack, and 4) line up! This interactive PDF will help those last few minutes of the day go by smoothly, keeping your students engaged and addressing important social skills. 

As of 1/20/2017, this pack includes editable and non-editable data sheets! Remove stress from your teaching day by purchasing and downloading this data collection pack. It is filled with data sheets for measuring basic academic skills, such as counting, identifying letters, and matching. It is perfect for special education classrooms! 

Numbers 1-30 Data Sheets
Numbers 1-50 Data Sheets
Numbers 1-100 Data Sheets
Letter Data Sheets
Shapes Data Sheets
Money Data Sheets
Colors Data Sheets
Personal Information Data Sheets
Days of the Week Data Sheets
Months of the Year Data Sheets
Tracing Lines Data Sheets
Tracing Shapes Data Sheets
Cutting Lines Data Sheets
Writing Name Data Sheets
Numbers 1-100 Flashcards
Uppercase Letters Flashcards
Lowercase Letters Flashcards
Shapes Flashcards
Money Flashcards
Colors Flashcards
Community Signs Flashcards
Days of the Week Flashcards
Months of the Year Flashcards
Various Matching Activities for the skills listed above 

You can read more about data collection here. 

4. Homework Through the Year for Special Education Classrooms

I wanted to create a homework system that is practical, meaningful, repetitive, and easy for parents to complete with their child daily. I am hopeful that this weekly homework worksheet will help parents get involved in their child’s education and will help generalize some of the skills we are working on in class. This worksheet can easily be differentiated for the various students in your classroom.
Watch the following video tutorial here so that you can take advantage of all that this product has to offer. 

5. Whole Group and Individual Token Board System for Special Education Classrooms

This resource was created to be used in a moderate to severe SDC classroom. With that said, it can also be used in other classroom settings. This product was created to teach students the concept of token boards. This product can be used as a whole class behavior management system, an individual behavior management system, or as a combination whole class and individual behavior management system. 

6. Simple Task Box System for Special Education Classrooms

It is what it says it is, a super simple task box system!

7. Visual Behavior Clip-Chart for Special Education Classrooms

8. Visual Calendar Templates 

When I taught the upper grades, I would create a visual lunch menu each month using pictures so that my students could be more independent while reading the menu each day. This resource includes two templates for August 2019 - July 2020 so that you can quickly and easily create your own visual menu or visual calendar for your classroom.

You can read more about how I used this in my classroom here. 

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