My Back to School WIsh List

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

1. Vinyl Envelopes

 I use these to hold my schedule visuals/icons that I use throughout the day. 


2. Desk Calendar (Dot Print) 

I love having a calendar on my desk to help me remember important dates and deadlines. 


3. Lesson Plan Book (Dot Print) 

This was the lesson plan book that I used last year (2017-2018) and I loved it! 

4. Divider Sheet Protectors 

I love these divider sheet protectors. They are great for holding student work samples and student data throughout the year. 

5. Sheet Protectors

You can never have enough sheet protectors. When I do not have time to laminate something, I often put it in a sheet protector instead.

6. Round Neon Labels

From art projects to labeling books, these are a must have in your classroom!

7. Manual Binding System

This is compact and easy to use.

8. ProClick Spines

These click right into place and hold papers securely. 

9. Sharpie Liquid Highlighters

I use these all the time for various projects in my classroom! 

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