Summer is Coming!

Monday, May 25, 2015
Summer is coming! Summer is coming! Summer is coming!

I cannot believe I only have 5 full days and 3 half days of school left. I cannot believe it. It feels like I was JUST setting up my classroom, organizing all of my visuals and curriculum, and figuring out my daily schedule. Now I am beginning to pack things up and preparing to move back to my hometown. It is so bittersweet. I am so excited to be surrounded by my family once again after being apart for 6 years. I am excited about having new students, a new classroom, and a new school...BUT I am so sad to leave this beautiful place that I live and so so sad to leave my current school, co-workers, and students. I know that a flood of tears will come the moment that I say goodbye to my 10 precious students who have touched my heart immensely this school year, but for the next 8 days I am going to cherish every moment that I have laughing with them, dancing with them, and teaching them.

I will not be teaching summer school/Extended School Year this year, but I have created some summer themed products to pass on to the teacher that will be teaching my current group of students. The following products are easy to use, require minimal prep, and can be purchased at my TPT here. You can use them for your last few weeks/days of school, for take-home summer packets, or for summer school! Be sure to head over to my store and download my math summer freebie.

Vocabulary Included in Both Products: 
Flip Flops
Palm Tree
Ice Cream

Summer Vocabulary Special Education or Early Elementary No-Prep Printable Pack

3 different levels for various learners! 

Summer Sight-Word Unit for Special Education or Early Elementary

Vocabulary Cards

Summer Sight-Word Adapted Book
2 versions: Color to Color, Color to Black & White

Sentence Building Worksheets
2 levels for various learners

Summer Sight-Word Student Book

Purchase my summer products here. 


Thank You, Special Education Teacher

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dear special education teacher,
    Thank you for the smile and enthusiasm that you greet me with each morning. That smile makes me feel like I'm the center of the world. That smile helps me forget my uncertainty, nervousness, and fear, and come to school each day. Thank you for being silly with me...for dancing and "going crazy" and making up songs using words that I am able to say. Thank you for searching and searching for toys and vests and trampolines and fidgets that make me feel good inside and help me be the best me that I can be. Thank you for pretending that you are hurt when I am hurt so that I will willingly put on a bandaid so that I can be like you...and wearing it all day long until you forget you're not really hurt. Thank you for secretly plugging your nose and not looking grossed out when I have an accident so that I am not embarrassed or ashamed for not being able to hold it. Thank you for spending countless hours cutting papers and putting plastic on them so that I can use them over and over again. Thank you for believing in me so much that other people think you are a bit crazy. That makes me feel confident and special and, well, amazing. Thank you for talking with your friends and making sure that I have a special role on campus with their students. I like spending time with their students. Thank you for writing goals for me and making sure that legally I am getting all the services that I need. Thank you for putting all that paperwork aside during the day and playing with me when I ask you to in my own unique way. Thank you for be patient with me when I hit you, scratch you, or bite you when I am anxious, scared, trying to communicate, or simply being stubborn. Please do not take it personally. Thank you for talking with my parents and helping them understand me. More than anything else, thank you for seeing ME and loving me for me!

                                      Your Student

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