Keep Calm and Collect Data!

Sunday, November 23, 2014
Progress reports were due this past Friday. As a new special ed teacher, making data sheets and collecting data has been a HUGE struggle for me. It seemed SO SO overwhelming at the beginning, but after spending a few hours sitting down and organizing myself, I was able to create a data collection system that works for me and my students.

Collecting data is a crucial part of my job. It is so important to record data so that I know how my students are doing. It's important to have all of my bases covered and to be extra prepared in case someone questions me or my observations. With that said, I have created a new product series: Keep Calm and Collect Data! My very first product in the series is Packet 1: Basic Academics. It covers basic academic skills, such as counting, community signs, and personal information. Not only are data collection sheets included for a variety of skills, but there are also flashcards and matching sheets to help assess and learn new skills.

You can purchase my newest product here. 

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