February Task Box Activities for Special Education Classrooms

Friday, January 27, 2017
With only two more days left in January, it is time to switch up my task boxes for February. In hopes of keeping my students engaged and learning new skills, I center my task boxes around monthly themes. We had so much fun with our January task boxes, but now it's time to say goodbye and welcome in the new month. With only six students in my classroom currently, I have a ten task box system in my classroom. You can check out my task box system here. I typically use the following formula when setting up my task box rotation each month: three math (various levels), three ELA (various levels), and four fine motor. I usually have a few extra prepared so that I can rotate them in as needed. I then assign each student one math box at his/her level, one ELA box at his/her level, and 1 strictly fine motor task at his/her level. I have learned that I can find many appropriate FREE tasks just by doing a simple Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers search, but I always create a few myself as well. Here are the twelve activities that I will be using for my task box system in February. Click on the creator's name to be taken to their website/store where you can download their amazing product for FREE!

Math Activities

1. Valentine Counting Cards from Playdough to Plato 

*Additional supplies needed: clothespins

2. Sweet Heart Counting: A Ten Fram Manipulative Center from Simply Special Ed

*Additional supplies needed: Conversation Hearts

3. Conversation Heart Patterning Activity

You can download the patterning cards that I created here for FREE!
*Additional supplies needed: Conversation Hearts or Conversation Heart Foam Stickers, Patterning Cards 

4. Valentine's Day Clip Cards from Simply Special Ed

*Additional supplies needed: clothespins 

ELA Activities 

5. Valentine CVC Mailbox Match from Sarah Warner 

6. Valentine Alphabet Match Cards from The Kindergarten Connection

*Additional supplies needed: clothespins

7. Broken Heart Alphabet Hunt from Stephanie Ann

8. Mailing a Letter: Valentine's Day Assembly Task from Teaching Special Thinkers 

*Additional supplies needed: mailbox, envelopes, cards, velcro, 

Fine Motor Activities 

9. Toilet Paper Roll Sort

*Additional supplies needed: tongs, toilet paper rolls, Valentine pom poms

10. Heart Ice Tray Activity (Idea from Trullium Montessori)

*Additional supplies needed: tongs, heart gems (Amazon link: Translucent Pink Acrylic Hearts), heart ice cube tray (Amazon link: Ice Cube Heart Tray

11. Pipe Cleaner Bead Sorting

*Additional supplies needed: pipe cleaners, heart beads (Amazon link: Crafter's Square, Heart Beads)

12. Mini Heart Eraser Sorting 

*Additional supplies needed: tongs, small containers, mini heart erasers (I got mine from Target) 

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