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Saturday, April 18, 2015
I have been busy over the past couple of weeks with lots of triennial IEPs, departments meeting, finishing up BTSA, and.......(drumroll) interviews! That's right, after a lot of thought and prayer, I have decided to move back to my hometown to be closer to my family. I moved to my current location for college, completed my credential at the same college that I completed my undergraduate work at, and then landed a job right after that a few cities over. I have absolutely LOVED my time living where I live and working where I work, but I so so miss my family. It's time to move HOME! I had an interview two weeks ago and then two interviews this week and officially accepted a position (and told my current employer that I will be leaving) on Friday. I feel so at peace about it. It is, of course, sad to leave my current job-my AMAZING principal, co-workers, aides, and students, but I have no doubt that I making the right decision for me in my current season of life. What grade will I be teaching? I do not know! I accepted the position without knowing, but I do know it is a great district with great support and it will not be younger than kindergarten or older than 8th grade. I can handle that. I'm so so excited!

After searching for a job, I have a few insights for those of you that are going through the same process:

1) Check for jobs regularly (EVERYDAY)

2) Apply early

3) Go to job/teaching fairs and stop by the booths of the districts that you are interested in...even if you already have an interview. 
This really helped me. I walked into two interviews already knowing at least one of my interviewees. This helped me feel confident and more at ease during the interview.

4) Don't be afraid to show your fun, creative side.
I created a fun, colorful flyer with an "all about me" section and pictures of myself, my bulletin boards, and some of my core values. I handed it out at the job fair to districts that I had already applied to and given my cover letter and resume to. It made me stand out and also made the representatives' day a bit more interesting. The same ole, same ole resumes and cover letters have to get boring after a while.

5) If you get more than one job offer, create a pro and con list (at least mentally) and talk it over with someone else that you trust and that knows about the profession. 
I talked with my wonderful, amazing, Godly master teacher the night before I made a decision and she helped me have so much clarity about my decision.

6) Bring a portfolio....or at least a few work samples and pictures.
This helps your interviewees have a better picture of who you are in your classroom. My portfolio has five sections: Professional Documents, Parent Communication, Behavior Management, Lessons & Activities, & References.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any specific questions about the application and interview process. I would be more than happy to answer them. Just a random note, going through the interview process after having a year of experience is SO much easier and SO much more enjoyable than the interview process right out of the credential program.

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