March Task Box Activities for Special Education Classrooms

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Can you believe that we are already three days into March? It seems like I was just blogging about my February task boxes. As many of you know, in hopes of keeping my students engaged and learning new skills, I center my task boxes around monthly themes. We had so much fun with our February task boxes, which you can look at here, but now it's time to say goodbye and welcome in March. With only six students in my classroom currently, I have a ten task box system in my classroom. You can check out my task box system here. I typically use the following formula when setting up my task box rotation each month: three math (various levels), three ELA (various levels), and four fine motor. I usually have a few extra prepared so that I can rotate them in as needed. I then assign each student one math box at his/her level, one ELA box at his/her level, and 1 fine motor task at his/her level. I have learned that I can find many appropriate FREE tasks just by doing a simple Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers search, but I always create a few myself as well. This month, I am sharing some of my favorites that I found while searching. Simply click on the title of the task box activity to be taken to the website/store where you can download and view an amazing product for FREE!

1. St. Patrick's Day Beginning Sound Match by Playdough to Plato 

2. Shamrock CVCe Puzzles by Playdough to Plato

3. Easter Egg CVCe Puzzles by The Kindergarten Connection

4. St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Clothespin Task by Shining STARS Special Education

1. St. Patricks Day Math Sort (Numbers 1-10) from Mrs Ps Specialities 

2. Rainbow Sorting Coins Activity from Spinner's End Primary School

4. Eggs Visual Addition Matching  from Heidi Songs

5. St. Patrick's Day Ten Frames from Michelle Breaux

6. St. Patrick's Day Count and Clip Cards from Shining STARS Special Education

1. Easter Egg Color Match from Child Care Land Pre-K

2. Pom Pom Egg Crate Sort  from Burbuja de Lenguaje 

3. Easter Egg Match from Makes and Takes 

ALSO.... I do admit that I have fallen in love with a few PAID products! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Autism Adventures' Interactive Bulletin Board Set for task box activities. With each month, there are two themes, which means I can easily switch out my boxes every two weeks. Additionally, each month focuses on very similar skills, which means my students can work on the basic skills that they still need to master on while being INDEPENDENT.

I also LOVE Simple Special Ed's Vocabulary Binders. I have the students work on the vocabulary matching during our task box rotation to mix things up. The students first focus on matching picture to picture and then move on to matching picture to word. I even use her flashcards as a matching task as shown in the picture blow. 

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