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This was my first "normal" beginning of the school year. Last year was a year of transitions as I began teaching at a new school in a new town. The year before that was my first year of teaching. With that said, this summer I was able to really focus in on my classroom organization, arrangement, and lesson planning. Take a look at what I came up with!

I have a variety of areas in my classroom allowing for various small group and 1:1 activities. During our small group and 1:1 direct instruction times we can work on IEP goals, address state standards using our curriculum, Unique Learning System, and practice functional skills by utilizing a variety of wonderful Teachers Pay Teachers products. 

My first small group/1:1 area is the BLUE table. 

This table ran by one of my wonderful paraprofessionals. At this table, my students work on Unique Learning Systems (Lessons 7, 8, & 9). They also work on the life skill of the month (by the wonderful Simply Special Ed), their All About Me books (by the wonderful Autism Adventures), sequencing activities by Teaching Differently, and basic fine motor tasks depending on ability levels. 

My second small group/1:1 area is the RED table. 

This table is ran by another wonderful paraprofessional. At this table, my students work on Unique Learning Systems (Lessons 16a, 18, and 24), basic skills packs (by Teaching Special Thinkers), thematic file folders (by Kayla Coffman of My Special Learners), and counting adapted books (by Kayla Coffman of My Special Learners). 

My third group/1:1 area is the GREEN table.

I lead this table. At this table my students work on Unique Learning Systems (Lessons 1-6, 10, & 12), Handwriting without Tears, and specific IEP goal activities.

My fourth small group/1:1 area is my task box station! I use my own Simple Task Box System and a FREE structured teaching job boxes resource (by the Special Education Corner) to create this station. It builds independence and confidence in my students because the tasks are very simple and functional!

My students work hard and then they get some free time. I am obsessed with my new United States rug. My students love this area of the room. They must stay in this area during free time. Additionally, this can be used as a sensory corner and/or service area for our wonderful service providers. 

In order to create my free time area, I had to give up some of my desk space. I actually am very thankful that I minimized my space because it forces me to stay organized. As you can see, I also created a file system for my aides. This allows us, as a team, to have easy access to data sheets, emergency contact information, and time cards. 

 For those students that require a bit more support, I create an individualized three task box system. This allows an aide to work 1:1 with a student on their specific IEP goals without running around the classroom looking for supplies.


  1. Your room is adorable! You have such a great use of space. I have a futon in my room too and my kiddos love the comfort. I figure my kiddos spend more wake hours in our classroom than they do at home so I want to make it cozy. Thanks for putting together these link-ups. I think they are wonderful and it will be a great source of ideas and information as we move into a new school year!

    1. I LOVED having the futon in my class, but I ended up having to get rid of it because it was such a huge distraction! How do you keep them off of it?

  2. Love your classroom!! I really like your 'Teacher Talk' bulletin board! What a good idea to make our mundane teacher papers still look cute in the classroom! Thanks for hosting this link-up! I can't wait to make my way through the blogs!

    Mrs. Cain's Creations

  3. Love your your idea for task box schedules!


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