Summer Series Blog Link-Up Week 2: Beautiful Behavior

I had SO much fun looking through all of your classrooms. There were so many unique decoration, organization, and BIRTHDAY ideas. If you have not looked through the linked-up blog pages, I challenge you to do so! Teachers are so creative!

Here's a sneak pic of my NEW classroom! I spent a few days organizing. I am SO lucky that the last teacher left it in wonderful condition! :) Oh...and I might have accidentally broke a table. Glad it happened to me and not to the kids!

Its time to start Week 2's link-up! This week is all about beautiful behavior. Alright...let's admit it behavior is usually not beautiful. I enjoy the adventure and challenge of behavior MOST days. Some days, not so much. Because I teach kiddos with significant disabilities, I have several behavior systems in place in my classroom. I have a whole-class systems, individual systems, and transition systems.

Whole-Class Systems

I use a COLOR CLIP CHART in my classroom. Each student has a clothespin and I move their clothespin up or down based on their choices. This works for a few students. I have also sent individual clip-charts home so that parents can use it at home and I have been told that it works! I have modified my clip-chart with Boardmaker icons because most of my students do not read.

My students earn DOLLARS for good behavior (even the smallest little things). We then have our student store about twice a month. This also builds functional academic and math skills! Many of my students did not understand that money was valuable at the beginning of the school year, but slowly they are realizing that money can get you fun stuff!

We work for....PANCAKES. Every Friday my students and I enjoy pancakes (if they have made good choices all week). This isn't effective for all of my students because many of them need to be reinforced constantly. Some of my students will continuously talk about pancakes throughout the week and modify their behavior throughout the week in hopes of getting FUN FRIDAY and PANCAKES (who doesn't like pancakes?)

Individual Systems

I use several different behavior visuals for individual students. Visuals work wonders!


Working for (token economy)

I cannot find any pictures, but if you have any questions about them, email me or comment below.

Transition Systems

I use the Autism Adventures of Room 83's system for transition cards. You can read all about them on her blog. My centers function so smoothly and it is because of the "working for" transition cards that she created!

I cannot wait to read all about YOUR behavior systems! Thanks for stopping by and linking up!


  1. Wonderful ideas! I especially like the Friday pancakes...what a blast! I'll add my link-up after the holiday. Thanks for the invite :)

  2. Are our links supposed to show up at the bottom?

    1. If you click on the blue button then you can view the links. Its a bit different this week because I have a free account.

  3. I love your behavior management techniques!! I can see how they would work wonders with special learners! I'll have to remember these for when I have kiddos that don't respond to what I have in place!

    Thanks for hosting this link-up! So fun!!

    Mrs. Cain's Creations

  4. Awesome ideas! Can you provide a link to the transition cards from Room 83? Tried to find them on her blog but couldn't! :)

    1. Here you go Ashley!


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